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An open source CMS or Content Management System is a platform that helps in website content updates, publishing, and modifying the data, website and online contents from a central location which can be a central control page or say, a control panel. An administrator can manage all the major workflows and procedures of the website. An administrator can be a layman or the owner itself with little to no technical background of the software.
Content management as the name suggests is an easy way to manage the contents. Contents can be anything business data, scientific data, administrative data, documents, texts, movies, etc. This allows adding, editing, or deleting the data or information.

The main functions of a CMS can be listed broadly as managing:

  • Security
  • Business objects
  • Servers
  • Auditing
  • Reports, etc.

Apart from this there can be lots of functional modules like discussion groups, online conference rooms, drag and drop customized forms, image editors, web analytics integration, threaded comment recording, help portals, etc, that can be integrated. There are various popular CMS software, some of them are: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and they use technologies like free PHP content management system.
Our Drupal CMS Canada, Joomla CMS and other CMS are finding applications in various industries like business websites, websites for school, blog websites, online directories, job portals, social networking sites, B2B, e-markets, share and stock markets, video content sites, online libraries, construction, online booking and travel planning.
Good news for the business house is that they no more need to build their websites from scratch. That means lots of saving on budget and startup time. The best part is that the CMS contains everything to build a world class professional website. This makes CMS a revolutionary idea in web and software development. Apply for a free consultation and learn more about open source content management system Canada.

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