e-Commerce can be defined as buying and selling commodities though the internet or any electronic media. Ecommerce, in today's perspective means having a complete shop online with all the facilities that exactly matches a real shop like discount offers, sale, catalogues, online payment, shopping cart and many more features. Today whatever a client can imagine should be available in the form of customized e-Commerce solutions.

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  • The main components of e-Commerce business solutions are:
  • A decent and an appealing website
  • Customized shopping cart solutions
  • Payment gateway
  • Bank gateway integration
  • Catalog management Canada
  • Secured browsing
  • e-Commerce website hosting

Any company involved in e-Commerce should involve good amount of its effort and budget spent on designing attractive and optimized websites in order to get quality customers.
Shopping cart customization is the most vital part of an e-Commerce business. This allows visitors to keep the selected products in a separate list so that payment can be made altogether.
Payment gateway is an intermediary between the online shopper or an e-shopper and the bank. Any money going from consumers pocket to the shopkeepers pocket goes through these channels. This feature includes PayPal integration, credit card gateways; debit card gateways, netbanking etc.
Since a consumer or an online buyer has to be assured that his money is safe and transactions are being done via a verified source, and that there are no chances of either the accounts being hacked or personal transaction details being shared with any third-party, this security development is a must for secured browsing.
The cost of running a data center can be very high because of the operational costs and the maintenance costs involved. So, it will be feasible for the trading companies to look for reliable web hosting solutions provider and the advantages offered.
A successful ecommerce is based on a strategic software development. If all the above features are well developed and well maintained then success is guaranteed. Hence selecting the right partner for ecommerce software development is a must. We at acmepath.com are a company based in North America, which provides all the facilities under one umbrella whether it is an e- commerce development, web designing or SEO. We are having long years of experience and can work out with the various platforms to best suit our customer's requirements in the field of e- commerce solutions and services.

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